An Exceptional Experience

ADOGO Minnetonka provides exceptional comfort, attention and fun for dogs.

Pamper them…overnight with room service, daycare and a soothing spa bath.

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Lots of room, never bored

With 93 specially designed rooms of various sizes, top-notch dog hotel amenities and a service-oriented team.

Plenty of space to play

With 5 indoor play areas & 2 outdoor play areas with fountains, our 7 Daycare Play Areas are designated by dog’s size and temperament and offer plenty of room for fun and exercise.

A good place to rest

From our comfortable range of standard rooms to our spacious private suites, every ADOGO dog sleeps cozy and comfy.


ADOGO Pet Hotel provides an exceptional experience in care, comfort and fun for every one of our overnight guests – plus lots of hugs.



ADOGO dogs get excited just hearing our name – they have a fun filled day playing, making new friends and getting their wiggles out in daycare.



ADOGO Spas professional dog grooming services provide the highest level of expertise and care for each of our guests – pampering is our priority.



ADOGO offers extra services for our guests such as shuttle transport and training. ADOGO Rewards Loyalty Program offers additional perks.


Minnetonka Open Hours


Monday – Friday: 7:00am – 7pm

Saturday and Sunday: 9am – 6pm

Celebrated Holidays: 9am – 1pm

Come tour ADOGO daily from 12pm – 3pm

Grooming Team


The ADOGO Grooming Team are talented and nurturing dog stylists who not only enjoy keeping our furry friends looking their absolute best but also educating their owners on how to maintain their beauty routine.

Dog Care Team


ADOGO Pet hotels has a caring and dedicated, trained team of Dog Care Managers, Supervisors and Specialists that follow disciplined processes to provide top-notch service, care and attention to every ADOGO Dog and their owners.

Front Desk Team


The ADOGO friendly and informative Front Desk Agents are ready to assist you with everything from getting registered, to making daycare and boarding reservations and answering questions about our services and processes.

John & Stacey


John has spent his entire career (23 years) in hotel management, marketing, development and franchising. Stacey has a background in marketing, business communications and client services. Together, they share a love of dogs and combine their business experiences to nurture and grow ADOGO pet hotels.